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Dancing and chanting at a festival in Bhutan

Bhutan Festival Tours

Year-round, Bhutan hosts festivals across the country. Bhutanese festivals are characterized by their bright colors, exotic masks, and joyful song and dance. Many of these festivals are known as a “tshechu” which means “day ten”  because each district of Bhutan celebrates one tshechu a year on the tenth day of a lunar month. Each tshechu is a multi-day celebration; however, their lengths vary. The tshechu honors Guru Rinpoche, the saint that brought Tibetan Buddhism to Bhutan. People from all around Bhutan and visitors from other countries join in song and dance to celebrate the Buddhist religion. On the last day of each tshechu, the silk thangka is hung for all to see. This is a scroll painting covered in bright, exotic colors. It is said that when someone sees the thangka, their sins are cleansed.

Bhutan’s Most Popular Festivals 

  • Paro Tsechu 
  • Thimphu Tsechu 
  • Dochula Tsechu 
  • Ura Yakchoe 
  • Matsutake Festival 
  • Rhododendron Festival

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Long road in Bhutan leading to a temple

Bhutan Trekking Tours

No matter what time of the year, Bhutan Visits offers treks around Bhutan. As a beautiful Kingdom tucked away in the Himalayas, there are endless opportunities for unique hikes around Bhutan. We offer over ten different trekking destinations at various times of the year. Keep in mind, the durations you see are just the length of the trek. We suggest combining one of our trekking options with another one of our tours. Below is a brief description of some of the trekking tours that we offer.

  1. Punakha Winter Trek (4 Days)
  • Offers amazing views of the Phajoding Monastery
  • Stays at campsites with your trekking group
  • Trek to Chorten Ningpo (home of the “Divine Madman“)
  • See the real Bhutan with treks through local villages

2. Bumthang Cultural Trek (3 days)

  • Hike along the Chamkhar Chu river
  • Visits the Ngang Lhakhang temple in the “Village of the Swans”
  • Pass the Mebar Tsho (the Flaming Lake)
  • End at the Ugyen Choling, one of the best museums in Bhutan

3. Duur Hot Spring Trek (9 Days)

  • Camp above the treeline with beautiful views
  • Possibly observe musk deer, flocks of blue sheep and Himalayan bears drinking water on the side of the lake
  • Relax in the hot spring
  • End in the Deur village
many structures aligned in front of a Bhutanese temple

Bhutan Photography Tours

Bhutan is one of the most picturesque countries on earth. The founder of Bhutan Visits has visited Bhutan over 10 times. As a professional photographer he has always found new things to photograph in Bhutan. From the Himalayan ice caps, virgin forests, monastery temples, unique plants, prayer wheels, and local traditions, there are thousands of photo opportunities for all of our tour customers. 


These tours include an all-encapsulating look into the Kingdom of Bhutan. When booking a photography tour to Bhutan, you can expect to see the following:


1. Bhutanese festivals with masked dances and colorful costumes

2. Many gorgeous Dzongs and monasteries

3. Chortens (stupas) perfect for immaculate photographs 


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Sun shines over a Buddhist shrine in Bhutan

Custom Bhutan Tours

Not seeing exactly what you’re looking for? Click the button below to read more about our customized tours. These tours can involve anything from river rafting to culinary tours through Bhutan. Anything you’re looking for, we can find the best local partners and the best deals. Click the button below to read more and contact us! 

Here is a quick list of some of the specialty tours we offer:

  1. Flavor of Bhutan Tour
  2. Bhutan Kayaking and Rafting Tours
  3. Bhutanese Textiles Tour
  4. Bhutanese Meditation and Retreat Tour
  5. Traditional Bhutanese Medicine Tour
  6. Bhutan Bird Watching Tour
  7. Bhutan Botanical Tour
  8. Bhutanese Hot Spring Therapy Tour

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