Bhutan is tucked away in the eastern Himalayas, giving the country endless options for a trekking tour. Bhutan Visits offers many Bhutan trekking tours. From the east to the west of the country, there are over 10 opportunities for you to book a Bhutan trekking tour. Look below for all of our tour options!

Housing on the terraces of hills on Bhutan

Punakha Winter Trek (4 Days)

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  • Offers amazing views of the Phajoding Monastery
  • Stays at campsites with your trekking group
  • Trek to Chorten Ningpo (home of the “Divine Madman“)
  • See the real Bhutan with treks through local villages
Long road in Bhutan leading to a temple

Bumthang Cultural Trek (3 Days)

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  • Hike along the Chamkhar Chu river
  • Visits the Ngang Lhakhang temple in the “Village of the Swans”
  • Pass the Mebar Tsho (the Flaming Lake)
  • End at the Ugyen Choling, one of the best museums in Bhutan
Prayer spinners in action in front of a Bhutanese mountain

Duur Hot Spring Trek (9 Days)

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  • Camp above the treeline with beautiful views
  • Possibly observe musk deer, flocks of blue sheep and Himalayan bears drinking water on the side of the lake
  • Relax in the hot spring
  • End in the Deur village


Let us know which tours you on interested in and we will respond with further information!