How and where do most travelers fly into Bhutan?

There are four airports in Bhutan: the Gelephu Airport, Bathpalathang Airport, the Yongphulla Airport, and the Paro International Airport. You will most likely be flying into the Paro International Airport. This is the only international airport in Bhutan and is considered one of the world’s most difficult to access. Only a limited number of pilots certified to land at Paro International Airport. When traveling to Bhutan, you will most likely fly into the Paro International Airport from other major international airports in cities like Delhi, Bangkok, and Singapore. Booking a tour with Bhutan Visits includes flights!

How long does it take to get to the Tiger’s Nest temple, and how can you get to the top of the trail?

On average, on foot, the Tiger’s Nest hike takes 2-3 hours. You can also travel the trail by horse or donkey, which are usually available to pay for at the base of the hike where local guides can begin to take you up the trail. Also called, Paro Taktsang, this temple is one of the most beautiful sights in Bhutan! Book with us to see it! 

What should you wear when visiting the temples or monasteries?

Most of the religious sites in Bhutan will require you to remove your shoes and leave them outside the doorway when entering a Buddhist monastery. When you are inside of a dzong or temple, you should dress respectfully by not wearing hats, short skirts, shorts, and t-shirts. As a general guideline, you should typically wear long-sleeved pants that will cover your legs and blouses or jackets that cover your arms. Our cultural tours will give you a great look into these Buddhist monasteries. 

What should you bring when hiking the Tiger’s Nest trailhead (or other trails and temples)?

When hiking in Bhutan, you should bring multiple layers of clothing. You will likely get warmer the farther up the hike and the inside of the monastery can be very cold. Adequate hiking shoes, small backpacks, camera, water, and food to eat are always a good idea. There is a teahouse halfway up the trailhead to the Tiger’s Nest. Additionally, there is a cafeteria at the top of the trail. Always bring rupees or Bhutan ngultrum to pay for food.

What is the most popular dish Bhutan?

The national dish of Bhutan is called Ema Datshi. This dish is similar to a stew, and is made up of chillis, cheese, and is very spicy. In the language of Dzongkha ‘Datshi’ means cheese, and ‘Ema’ means chillis. In Bhutan, you will be served meals buffet style. Additionally, you will eat meals with your hands while sitting cross-legged on the floor.

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