All gallery images are available for sale as digital downloads

How to Buy

Throughout our website we try our best to make the purchasing of Thomas Kokta photography the easiest process possible for the customers. Anyone is able to purchase any of the images that are in the gallery as digital downloads. The gallery has multiple different categories that you can choose from. To insure you choose the right gallery for you we have descriptions what each category has to offer. So, the first step to buying an image is to choose whether you want a wildlife, night, travel, or urban style image. Once you have chosen which category you want then you choose the specific image that suits you.

All of our images are of the highest quality ensuring our customers get the best product. When it comes to purchasing these images, they all come as digital downloads. Allowing all customers to receive their images as soon as possible. Customers then choose the quantity of each photo they want and add them to their cart. Once this is done, you’re ready to checkout and receive your images.

Thomas Kokta wants his inspiration to shine through in all of his photos. So, we hope that you can see that shining through when purchasing your images. To see an example of what our shopping experience would be like you can visit

Types of prints

This website provides different styles and qualities of prints. In order to give customers a wide variety of selections. As mentioned before in “How to Buy”, our images come as digital downloads. These downloads come in different quality options such as low, medium, or high resolution. Other than the difference in resolution the only thing that sets these choices apart is the pricing. Every option of resolution does not apply to all images in our gallery. But each image does have a combination of the different resolution options. Our end result is to give the customers any version of the images they want.

Fridge magnets

Our photography can add greatness to any part of a home. Which is why we are trying to expand our product. We want our images to be places at the highest demand. In order to get our photography out there. What we plan to do to put this into action is expanding from just digital downloads. The first way we will do this is with fridge magnets.

This is a new way to bring beautiful photography to your homes. Being able to decorate your kitchens with a new light. Bringing a wandering eye to an appliance people don’t give a second look. Having different canvases to showcase this photography is important to us. This is just one of the things coming soon to our shop.

Shopping Experience

We want this shop to give customers a fun and easy way to purchase high quality images. Thomas Kokta put in hard work and dedication when taking these images. So, sharing them with others and having the option to purchase them can bring them into their homes.

Also, on this page we have visual representation of the images in homes. This is so customers can get an idea of what these images could look like in their homes. Having these is only to make your shopping experience easier. Having a way to know what an image would bring to your life could be the key component to whether a customer connects with it.

At the end of the day, all customers deserve to enjoy shopping on our site. We will do whatever we can to make this happen. Here is a video on some good online shopping tips to help with your experience on our site:

What’s to Come

Every growing business is always looking to what’s to come. Product has to keep expanding in order to reach something new. Our photos can shine in any light. But we want to produce them in a way to connect with any person. We want to start showcasing out images on all different canvases. This is not just to bring in new cliental. But to show our inspiration in a different way.

There are many things coming soon to our shop. Expanding to a new way of producing photography. Our website wants products that all customers want to buy. We don’t want to only offer digital downloads. Although, this is a good way to reach customers from anywhere. We want to be able to give everyone our art anyway they want it. From our digital downloads to actual prints. Then moving towards fridge magnets and even blankets.

The options are endless to keep our shop fresh and new. We want to continue to showcase our photos in a bright light. While also giving customers what they want. Keep expecting new things to come from this site.

Customer Appreciation

This whole shop was made for the convenience of our customers. We want you all to feel appreciated with every purchase. This is why we have laid out our shop in a way that anyone can do. We want the images to speak for themselves and bring customers joy. Each image was taken with thought and detail to give our customers the best product.

The shop has something for every customer. From the wide variety of photos. To the different options of quality. Providing what any customer could want out of photography. Including if any customer wants something, we don’t have we are always open to suggestions. To provide new product and options to help our shop continue to grow.

We will try to accommodate to all of our customers. So, each and every one of them enjoy what our website has to offer. Plus, if there is any question you need answered we will do our best to do so. Which is why we have our “frequently asked questions” section. To accommodate to the needs and confusion of our customers. At the end of the day all we want is for customers to feel value. Through our photography, their purchases, and the services this website provides. Customers’ needs are our demand. We hope you enjoy.

Frequently asked questions

How to buy our images?

For a full description on how to buy our images please see the “How to Buy” section at the top of this page.

What kind of prints do you offer?

As of right now we only offer digital downloads for all of our images. For a further description please see “Types of Prints” above.

Where can I find your images for purchase?

You can see all images for purchase on our “Galleries” Pages. Click on any image you like, and purchase sizes and prices will display.

What other options do you have for purchase?

As of right now, we only offer digital downloads for our photography. But there is always more to come in a growing business. If you would like to know more on what we have to offer please visit our “What’s to Come” on our shop page of the website.